Main Contact: 
Rebecca Dugger: rdugger[at]dch[dot]ga[dot]gov
NWD/SEP System
Name of Operating Agency: 
Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH)
Participating types of NWD/SEPs: 
12 ADRCs; 6 Development Disability Regional Offices
1-800 number: 
1-800-715-4225 for behavioral health crises and standard appointments; 1-866-552-4464 for LTSS services
Level I screen: 
The Level I screen will be available online through the Common Point of Access to Social Services (COMPASS) system, incorporating the functional component of community LTSS eligibility with the financial eligibility determination process for Medicaid
Level II assessment: 
GA uses multiple assessments per population. The level of automation varies.
Agency responsible for completing the financial assessment: 
DCH through the COMPASS system
Coordination/automation of referrals between levels (i.e., Level I and Level II) : 
GA was not able to secure a vendor to develop an automated NWD/SEP system to transfer information electronically. Therefore, they are primarily working with the COMPASS platform.
Core Standardized Assessment
Elderly individuals (age 65 or older): 
InteRAI Home Care (HC); Intermediate Level of Care for NF; Participant Assessment Form
People with developmental disabilities: 
Health Risk Screening Tool; Intermediate Level of Care for ICF-MR; Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)
People with a serious mental illness or severe emotional disturbance: 
Multipurpose Information Consumer Profile (MICP)
People with physical disabilities: 
InteRAI Home Care (HC); Intermediate Level of Care for NF; Participant Assessment Form
Conflict-Free Case Management
Mitigation strategies in place/planned: 
GA has five long-standing waiver programs, three of which are already conflict-free. One (Georgia Pediatric Program) does not provide case management services. Individual plans have been drafted to ensure no conflict. The remaining entity will be address
Service data: 

Claims data

Quality measures: 

Georgia Adult Medicaid Quality Improvement Initiative

Outcomes data: 

Integrated Access

Use of Enhanced FMAP: 

GA is using program funds to pay for additional waiver slots in the Elderly and Disabled Waiver, New Options Waver, Comprehensive Waiver, and Independent Care Waiver programs. Additionally, GA is using program funds to enhance ADRCs and enrollment processes, develop and enhance the CSA, provide rate increases for skilled in-home nursing and pediatric skilled nursing, and to support increased program administration staffing. 

Quarterly Progress: 

See the attached PDF documents below for details about the progress Georgia has made each quarter during the life of the Program.