Main Contact: 
*The state stopped participating in the Program in December 2014.
NWD/SEP System
Name of Operating Agency: 
Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS)
Participating types of NWD/SEPs: 
16 AAAs act as ADRCs; Community Mental Health Centers
1-800 number: 
Level I screen: 
The automated Level I screen is available through the IN Connect Alliance website.
Level II assessment: 
Level II assessments are conducted by the relevant partner agency: Division of Aging, Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services, or Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Where feasible, assessments will be automated through the case management
Agency responsible for completing the financial assessment: 
Division of Family Resources (DFR)
Coordination/automation of referrals between levels (i.e., Level I and Level II) : 
Financial eligibility staff are co-located at NWD agencies, facilitating the coordination of functional and financial eligibility.
Core Standardized Assessment
Elderly individuals (age 65 or older): 
Inter RAI Home Care (HC); Assessment for Combined Case Management and Eligibility Screen
People with developmental disabilities: 
Level of Care Screening Instrument (LOCSI)
People with a serious mental illness or severe emotional disturbance: 
Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS); Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (ANSA)
People with physical disabilities: 
Inter RAI Home Care (HC); Assessment for Combined Case Management and Eligibility Screen
Conflict-Free Case Management
Mitigation strategies in place/planned: 
While services for the ID/DD population are conflict-free, there may be conflict for the aging population given service providers may provide case management. IN has submitted information about strategies to mitigate conflict for the mental health populat
Service data: 

Claims data are used for administrative, financial or quality control purposes.

Quality measures: 

MENTAL HEALTH: Provider Compliance Report; Reassessment Percentage Report

ELDERLY: Provider and Person-Centered Compliance Tools

PHYSICAL DISABILITY: Provider and Person-Centered Compliance Tools


Outcomes data: 
  • MFP Quality of Life Survey
  • Participant Experience Survey (PES)
  • National Core Indicators (NCI)
  • Person-Centered Compliance Tool
Use of Enhanced FMAP: 

IN is building a new information system for NWD entities and other programs to facilitate case management to capture and store Level I screen and Level II functional assessment data. In addition, the state supported its community LTSS call center and website and mareketed these NWD entry points through Program funds.

IN is also supporting the mental health population through multiple initiatives, including start up funds for community-based programs, school-based programs, and loan repayment programs for eligible clinicians.