Main Contact: 
Jennifer Bax: Jennifer[dot]E[dot]Bax[at]dss[dot]mo[dot]gov
NWD/SEP System
Name of Operating Agency: 
State of Missouri Department of Social Services
Participating types of NWD/SEPs: 
Department of Social Services/Family Support Division offices and regional offices operated by the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Mental Health
1-800 number: 
(855) 834-8555
Level I screen: 
Finalized (see attachment below). This screening tool was designed to quickly evaluate service needs and refer individuals to the program that can best meet those needs.
Level II assessment: 
Some of the Level II assessments are automated while others are in paper format. There are no plans to automate the Level II assessment in a single database.
Agency responsible for completing the financial assessment: 
All applications are processed by the DSS-Family Support Division (FSD). MO receives applications through the online portal and the mail.
Coordination/automation of referrals between levels (i.e., Level I and Level II) : 
MO developed a Level I screen accessible through a website and an automated toll free number. After the screen, an email referral is made to the appropriate agency for follow up. Regional offices of the Departments of Health and Senior Services and Mental
Core Standardized Assessment
Elderly individuals (age 65 or older): 
InterRAI Home Care (HC); MO HealthNet Application/Eligibility Statement
People with developmental disabilities: 
Supports Intensity Scale (SIS); Prioritization of Need for DD Services
People with a serious mental illness or severe emotional disturbance: 
People with physical disabilities: 
InterRAI Home Care (HC); MO HealthNet Application/Eligibility Statement
Conflict-Free Case Management
Mitigation strategies in place/planned: 
MO’s strategies to mitigate conflict include audits of claims and assessments, stakeholder involvement in policy and program development, beneficiary complaint systems, provider conflict of interest plans, and approval of plans of care.
Service data: 

Claims data is used for administrative, financial and quality control purposes. Specifically, MO tracks the percent of LTSS expenditures spent on community LTSS and the cost of participants accessing community versus institutional LTSS.

Quality measures: 

MO received a Medicaid Adult Health Care Quality Measures grant to strengthen its capacity to calculate claims-based measures. The core set of measures is currently being decided. MO will use this method to calculate measures for all populations. 

Outcomes data: 

ID/DD Population: Family/Guardian Survey, Adult Consumer Survey, and Adult and Child Family Surveys; All Community LTSS Populations: Survey on the MOCOR website and Client Services Postcards.

Use of Enhanced FMAP: 

MO used funds to add approximately 3,000 individuals to the following waivers: Partnership for Hope Waiver, Missouri Children with Developmental Disabilities Waiver, the Comprehensive Waiver, and the Adult Day Care Waiver. Additionally, MO has used program funds to support the structural changes.