New Hampshire

Main Contact: 
Don Hunter: Donald[dot]R[dot]Hunter[at]dhhs[dot]state[dot]nh[dot]us
NWD/SEP System
Name of Operating Agency: 
Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services (BEAS)
Participating types of NWD/SEPs: 
ServiceLink Resource Centers; Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Offices, Community Mental Health Centers
1-800 number: 
1 (866) 634-9412 - NH's existing ServiceLink number
Level I screen: 
Level I screen questions have been finalized. NH is in the process of automating the screen.
Level II assessment: 
The Bureau of Elderly and Adults Services (BEAS) and the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) make functional eligibility determinations. NH aims to develop a web-based system to conduct and coordinate assessments.
Agency responsible for completing the financial assessment: 
The Division of Family Assistance (DFA)
Coordination/automation of referrals between levels (i.e., Level I and Level II) : 
New Hampshire is currently working with Deloitte to create an automated and coordinated system.
Core Standardized Assessment
Elderly individuals (age 65 or older): 
New Hampshire Medical Eligibility Assessment for Long Term Care Services
People with developmental disabilities: 
Scales of Independent Behavior; Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)
People with a serious mental illness or severe emotional disturbance: 
Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (ANSA); Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)
People with physical disabilities: 
New Hampshire Medical Eligibility Assessment for Long Term Care Services
Conflict-Free Case Management
Mitigation strategies in place/planned: 
NH established conflict-free case management in the Bureau of Behavioral Health, Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services, and Bureau of Developmental Services. NH implemented processes and firewalls to separate case management and service provision.
Service data: 
  • Claims Data
  • Produce service data reports
Quality measures: 

Medicaid Adult Health Care Quality Measures and HEDIS (for Mental Health)


Outcomes data: 
  • Participant Experience Survey (PES)
  • National Core Indicators (NCI)
Use of Enhanced FMAP: 

Support NWD system activities; Support Core Standardized Assessments; Provide core competency trainings for provider staff.