State Initiatives

Participating Balancing Incentive Program states are required to collect quality data, which include clinical measures that capture the extent to which service providers are supplying comprehensive, quality care. Once States calculate the measures based on the data submitted by providers, CMS strongly recommends that States report back measures to providers to encourage quality improvements.

1. Disseminating quality data can happen in several ways. Examples from Georgia, New York, Maryland, and Illinois are highlighted in the January 2014 Balancing Incentive Program national call

2. Georgia meets to discuss trends and suggest best practices to remedy issues with providers. Quality Data reports validated by an External Quality Review organization are published on Georgia's Medicaid Quality Reporting page

3. Maryland mails reports with provider-specific data to each provider. The Corrective and Preventative Action document explains Maryland's corrective and preventitive action plans and quality review for waiver services. 

4. New Jersey MLTSS Quality Performance Measures