Completing the Work Plan and Deliverables

With the Work Plan, Balancing Incentive Program States are required to submit a description of areas of possible conflict in case management, and systems the State currently has in place to mitigate those conflicts (Deliverable 9.1). States may choose to fill out this form to fulfill this deliverable requirement.

CMS has developed an Excel template – the Balancing Benchmark Tracker – to help States track the enhanced FMAP and their progress toward meeting the benchmark. Note that some of the cells in the template are populated to demonstrate how formulas work. 

Balancing Incentive Program States are required to collect three types of data: service data, quality data linked to population-specific outcomes, and outcomes measures. As part of their Work Plan deliverables, States must report to CMS the data and measures that will be collected and the methodology for collecting those measures. States may complete this form to fulfill Work Plan requirements.

The CDS Crosswalk can help States assess the extent to which their existing assessment instruments comply with the requirements of the Balancing Incentive Program. States will also be expected to indicate which questions and instruments they will use to fill in the gaps. 

A Work Plan, consisting of the completed Work Plan Table Template and several deliverables, is due six months after submission of the Program application. You can find a user-friendly Work Plan Template in Word and Excel here.